Tax and Private Client and Wealth Management Overview

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Klug Counsel provides federal, state, and international tax advice to corporations and other business entities, nonprofits, individuals, families, and family offices.

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Our attorneys provide creative, practical, business oriented solutions to achieve the client’s goals. We take the lead in tax planning and structuring for foreign and domestic limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and joint ventures.

Economic and political uncertainty, shifting tax schemes globally and the increased pace of technological disruption are rapidly reconfiguring how sophisticated business transactions take place. Successful deals require forward thinking investment strategies and a tax-efficient approach. We guide clients at each stage of the fund life cycle from formation and management, transactions and investments, optimization of fund and portfolio company operations, and exit planning. Whether a transaction is a taxable asset or equity sale, a tax-free reorganization, we have in-depth experience from working on complex, cutting edge deals.

We have extensive experience working with clients to ensure their hard work to acquire and grow wealth can continue to benefit their desired beneficiaries by coordinating the conditions and means for transfer to beneficiaries. We create tailored asset-management, estate, and business succession plans for individuals, businesses, families, and family offices. We know the rules governing income, gift, and estate taxation, and work closely with financial advisors and accountants to structure plans that protect assets, benefit future generations, and facilitate the support of charitable, educational, and religious institutions. We are well versed in handling formation and structuring of family offices (and their subsidiaries and affiliates), sophisticated tax planning, wealth transfer strategies, liability mitigation and highly customized structuring of investments throughout the capital structure and across alternative asset landscapes.


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