Tax-Exempt Organizations

At Basswood, we excel in empowering charitable foundations and nonprofits with efficient, timely services. Our team provides sophisticated guidance to safeguard tax-exempt status and optimize income generation while minimizing liabilities such as unrelated business income tax.

The nonprofit and philanthropic landscape is complex, requiring specialized knowledge. From inception to dissolution, our comprehensive legal support covers every phase of a nonprofit organization’s journey. Whether it is establishing federal tax-exempt status, structuring operations, or navigating dissolution procedures with the IRS, we streamline processes so organizations can focus on their core missions cost-effectively.

We go beyond traditional legal advising; we are strategic partners committed to the success of tax- exempt entities. From the outset, we help craft governance frameworks that align with regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Our guidance extends to board governance, conflict resolution, risk management, and compliance, ensuring ethical and efficient operations.

Our experience extends to complex financial transactions and investments. Whether it is structuring grants, program-related investments, or joint ventures, we tailor solutions to maximize impact while managing tax implications and regulatory constraints. We specialize in optimizing investment strategies to minimize unrelated business income tax and ensure compliance with private foundation regulations.

We recognize the distinct challenges facing tax-exempt organizations. Through our tailored legal solutions and strategic guidance, we empower nonprofits to thrive in their mission-driven pursuits while successfully navigating regulatory compliance and achieving financial sustainability.

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