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At Basswood, we recognize the profound importance of preserving a family’s legacy. Our mission is to partner with you in establishing a robust family office that serves as the guardian, nurturer, and amplifier of your wealth for generations to come. Whether you are managing the active involvement of the founder or transitioning to the next generation, our tailored legal services are committed to ensuring the enduring success of your family enterprise.

Within our team, you will find seasoned attorneys proficient in a spectrum of disciplines essential to family offices, from private equity to mergers and acquisitions, from domestic tax matters to international trusts and estates. A well-crafted and meticulously maintained family office structure should not only preserve but also elevate the value of family resources, empowering the family to thrive without the burden of inefficiencies.

Family offices, whether formally structured or informally operated, are bespoke entities established by affluent families to steward wealth, strategize for future financial endeavors, explore investment opportunities, and provide tailored services to family members. Recognizing the benefits of a structured family office—including increased control, privacy, and asset customization—high net-worth families entrust us to shape their legacy plans. We routinely represent both U.S. and international family offices, boasting substantial investable assets diversified globally across various asset classes.

In the dynamic realm of wealth management, family offices are entrusted with strategic decision- making concerning taxes, estate planning, investments, and philanthropy. Our adept team navigates these complexities with finesse, leveraging sophisticated wealth management services to craft tailored plans that optimize assets, investments, and philanthropic ventures while mitigating risk, liability, and tax exposure.

Wealth and Estate Planning

Basswood provides comprehensive estate planning for individuals, couples, families, and family businesses.

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