Executive Compensation

Sound executive compensation arrangements are critical for attracting the right talent and rewarding performance. Appropriate executive compensation plans will encourage company growth, increase productivity, and drive engagement. In the design of these arrangements, companies must also be concerned with controlling costs and maximizing profits, avoiding adverse publicity, and keeping pace with ever-changing tax laws.

We deliver comprehensive advice and practical solutions for compensation and executive benefit programs. We assist our clients in designing, implementing, and administering compensation programs to motivate and retain key employees. We counsel on the legal and practical ramifications of such plans and arrangements.

Equity compensation is an essential tool to attract and retain top talent, provide appropriate performance incentives, and reward exceptional service. We assist clients with the full range of equity compensation, including stock options, restricted stock and restricted stock units, performance shares, stock appreciation rights, phantom equity structures, carried/profits interest, and similar plans.

We understand the complex statutory and regulatory provisions that apply to nonqualified plans and deferred compensation plans. Working with companies and executives, our team structures nonqualified and deferred compensation plans that yield tax benefits and achieve business goals. We help clients create plans with flexible distribution options, appropriate long-term retention incentives, benefit security, and financial efficiency. Perhaps the biggest advantage of nonqualified deferred compensation plans is the ability for executives to accumulate meaningful retirement benefits considering restrictive limits under traditional tax-qualified profit-sharing and pension plans.


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