International Tax

International Tax Planning Strategies for Individuals & Businesses

Basswood Counsel has extensive experience in handling U.S. federal income tax matters involving activities of United States taxpayers in foreign countries and of non-US taxpayers in the United States. Our tax attorneys serve individuals and corporations throughout the United States and the world. Our attorneys handle international business taxation, income sourcing, foreign tax credits, allocations and apportionments of deductions, controlled foreign corporations, subpart F, global intangible low-taxed income, income tax treaties, and use of hybrid entities. Our tax attorneys help clients plan foreign and multinational acquisitions, dispositions, restructurings, joint ventures and develop and use of intellectual property. Our attorneys take a practical approach to international tax matters, often working with tax professionals from other countries, in order to ensure the strategies used for our clients achieve global tax rate efficiencies.

Our team has extensive experience in strategic tax planning and implementation issues associated with multijurisdictional and cross-border transactions. Our international tax work includes structuring cross-border migration acquisitions, divestitures, hybrid and other financings, and advising on international joint ventures and international project financing in emerging markets.

Basswood Counsel is active in structuring international transactions, operations, and investments. We advise clients on tax-efficient structuring of cross-border investments, including optimum use of tax treaties, foreign tax credits, tax deferral, and entity classification. We also advise companies with established international operations on the tax aspects of cross-border reorganizations, as well as the year-by-year management of international tax exposures.

Basswood Counsel combines technical skills with a savvy business sense, regularly working with clients to plan tax-efficient foreign investment into the U.S. and foreign and multinational sophisticated transactions.